Festival Zones

zonesSAGE Zone

SAGE Utah is for everyone. We are focusing on awareness, growth and meeting the needs of all elder queers within the state. Embrace the SAGE within, become involved, connect, learn, laugh, create meaning and most importantly, share what only YOU have to give to others.

Youth Zone

This safe space is for youth 21 and under. Meet other queer youth and learn more about Utah Pride’s youth drop in center and other youth oriented programming.

Gender Zone

Celebrate the “T” in our community. Meet new friends, learn about local resources and discover the support groups and services available for children, youth, adults and families from Utah Pride’s Transgender Program.

Health Zone

The Festival happens just once a year, but the knowledge you’ll gain about your health will last a lifetime! Visit our Health & Wellness Zone for fun, interactive booths featuring information and programs that will keep you healthy, happy, safe and satisfied. Your body, your health!

Pet Zone

Drop by with your dog for a wade in the pool, a bowl of water or a treat. Please remember that all dogs must be leashed and if your dog poops, you scoop, because pet waste can transmit disease.

Bingo & Games Zone

Think you’re smarter than a Cyber Slut? Love a good game of bingo? Then stop by and play a round of bingo or other games with the Utah Cyber Sluts!

Karaoke Zone

Grab the microphone, put on your blue suede shoes and strike a pose–it’s time for karaoke! Even if you’re a little bit shy, have a seat and cheer on these must-see performances.

History Zone

The History Zone premiered in 2011 with “Windows To The Past,” highlighting the LGBTQ history of the United States and Utah from the 1700′s through the 1940′s and 2012 featured the 1950s. This year’s exhibit will explore 1965.

Art Zone

Enjoy seeing emerging local artists at the Art Zone. Local artists are given the chance to exhibit their art each year within this zone, giving the individuals a chance to share their craft in a supportive and appreciative environment.

Grass Roots Zone

Always wanting to support our emerging organizations, the Grass Roots Zone highlights new local groups with a cause. Drop by and learn about various organizations and see what’s growing.

Kids Zone

Bounce rooms, activities and treats are available for kiddies 12 and under. Located Southwest of City Hall you will find this area where only children and their parents are allowed for a safe and fun family environment.

Family Zone

This zone is a highlight of support groups for families. If you are seeking to meet others like yourself who appreciate and value all different kinds of families, this is your home away from home.