Marches & Rallies

MarchesTrans* Rally & March

All trans* and gender non-conforming people and allies are invited to gather at City Creek Park for a love, safe, and empowering rally. This is a chance for the trans* community to promote acceptance and increase visibility for trans* issues. After the rally, join in the Trans* March, which joins with the Dyke and Interfaith marches to kick off opening the festival.

Dyke Rally & March

Rally on the front steps of the Capitol Building starting at high noon on Saturday, June 7th. Meditations & conversations will take place on the lawn from noon to 1:00pm. Music, dancing, body painting, poster making, socializing & such will warm us up from 1:00pm-1:50pm. March at 2:30pm from the Capitol Building to the Utah Pride Festival grounds

Interfaith March

The Pride Interfaith Coalition has been participating in the Utah Pride Festival for more than a decade, hosting both the Interfaith Service and leading the Interfaith March, giving a chance to show the spiritual side of the LGBTQ community.