Marches & Rallies

Marches2015Join us for the first unified Dyke, Trans*, Sexually Fluid, and Poly Rally! We will have speakers representing each group and marching from the Capitol to Library Square together.

We’ll be selling a limited number of shirts for $5, and we’ll give away a few to the first people who arrive at the Capitol starting at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 5!

There will also be a mini festival at the Utah State Capital prior to the start of the rally/march.

Representative Speakers:

Trans* Rally:

Ella Mendoza: Ella Mendoza is an undocumented human (or fae) that likes to yell about climate justice, queer justice, and migrant rights. She is the co-founder of the Utah chapter of Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement, a radical group that focuses on empowering marginalized communities using an anti-colonial approach. She also teaches preschool and dreams of a better tomorrow.

Dyke Rally:

Dani Hawkes: Danielle is a partner of The Salt Lake Lawyers. She practices in family law and LGBT issues. She has a special affinity for working with transgender clients, which includes lobbying and educating our community on transgender rights. Danielle received her law degree in 2010 from the University of Utah. After graduating from law school, Danielle served a one-year fellowship in Washington DC with Georgetown Law and the Law Students for Reproductive Justice working on the intersectional issues of feminism, racism, poverty, and immigration.

Danielle has published articles on mothers and children in unfair immigration processes, surgical procedures on children, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. She currently serves on the board of the ACLU of Utah. She is a co-founder of the Rainbow Law Clinic and was the president of the OutLaws at the U of U’s law school. Danielle previously served on the board of the Queer Utah Aquatic Club. And, during law school, she clerked for Strindberg & Scholnick, LLC, an employment discrimination law firm.

Upon graduation from law school, Danielle received the Outstanding Law Graduate of the S.J. Quinney College of Law Award from the National Association of Women Lawyers and a runner up award from the National LGBT Bar Association.

Danielle represented 5 of the Capitol 13 protesters who were arrested last year at the Utah State Capitol.

Bronwen Beecher, The Fiddle Preacher: A violinist since the age of 7, Bronwen went to Loyola University, New Orleans on scholarship studying music therapy and violin performance. Though the classical music program was rigorous, she was enchanted in her off hours to experience the panoply of musical styles which surrounded her in New Orleans. She found herself playing in a gothic band, jamming with Irish musicians in a favorite pub when “Lord of the Dance,” came through town, and, with platinum blond hair and green fingernails, was noticeably the only white singer in the Loyola U. gospel choir. In the years to follow she focussed less on her classical roots, preferring instead to learn more and more about the seemingly vastly different styles of music, in some cases pioneering ways a violin could fit into each genre. From her history of award-winning classical violinist to purple-haired fiddling street performer, Bronwen now understands much more than how to play an instrument. She understands music at its root. It is this understanding that makes every kind of music and instrument graspable… simple. Like the outlines in a fine sketch, it all becomes different accents to the white, silent space. For the past decade Bronwen has played professionally in classical, rock, Celtic, bluegrass, folk, and alternative ensembles in clubs, cafes, festivals, recording studios, and on tour locally and nationally.

Sexually Fluid Rally:

K Lu Quibelle: a queer and poly identified performance poet from Salt Lake City. She has performed at slams and open mics around the Valley for the past few years and most recently her piece, Anatomy, was featured in Art Access’ Intersections performance.

Shauna Brock: the co-founder of Utah’s 1 to 5 Club. A bisexual and poly identified writer and activist, she got her start working with BiNet of Austin back in 1997 and helped to found the 1 to 5 Club in September of 2005.

Poly Rally:

Isaac Furniss and Ford Neville: Isaac and Ford serve as members of the Utah Polyamory Society leading council. Each practices ethical non-monogamy and knows what it feels like to have relationships belittled and marginalized by society at large. Ford is quirky and Isaac is queer as hell, and they’ve teamed up to present the UPS to the local Utah Pride community.