Schedule by Day and Stage


Opening Ceremony featuring MiNX


Main Stage:

3:15pm Utah Repertory Theater Company

3:45pm My Fair Fiend

4:55pm Juana Ghani

6:00pm Voodoo Productions

7:15pm Muscle Hawk

8:00pm Dev

9:00pm DJ Erik Floyd

Pride Stage:

3:30pm Leo Cody

4:30pm Vagablonde

5:15pm Cheer Salt Lake

5:40pm VCR5

6:30pm RCGSE

7:30pm Mary Tebbs Getup

8:35pm Vinyl Tapestries

Library Stage:

3:30pm Children’s Book Reading – Dr. Suess

4:35pm Open Mike

6:05pm Wasatch Wordsmiths – Poetry Slam Team Competition

Dance Stage:

3:00pm DJ Jarvicious

5:00pm DJ Panama

7:00pm Corey Bolo

9:00pm DJ Flash Flare


Main Stage:

11:30am Miss City Weekly

11:45am Sister Wives

12:45pm Show Me Island

1:40pm Salt Lake Acting Company

2:10pm Saliva Sisters

3:00pm Parade winners

3:15pm Spazmatics

4:10pm Justin Utley

5:10pm Xelle

Pride Stage:

12:15pm Baile Dance

12:55pm Yes Ma’am

1:50pm Rockin’ Jukes

2:45pm Scenic Byway

3:45pm Barbaloot Suitz

4:45pm Mark Dago

5:45pm Shasta and the Second Strings

Library Stage:

2:00pm Writing Competition Winners

2:35pm Open Mike

4:00pm  Wasatch Wordsmiths – Youth & College Poet

Dance Stage:

11:00am DJ Pancho

1:00pm DJ Harry Cross

3:00pm Jesse Walker

Library Auditorium:

1:30pm Film: Kuma Hina

3:30pm Film: Matt Shephard is a Friend of Mine

* Schedules are subject to change