Vendor FAQ

Q: When is vendor orientation?

A: Mandatory vendor orientation meetings will be held at the 255 East 400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111. (Required to attend one of these meetings of your choice.)

  • May 16th
    • 10am to 12pm
    • 12:30pm to 2:30pm
  • May 19th
    • 3:30pm to 5:30pm
    • 6:15pm to 8:15pm

Food Vendors – May 18th

Q: What if I am a vendor requiring power for my booth?

A: All vendors who require power must request this when submitting their application. These vendors will then be located in a “Hot Zone” to efficiently distribute the power and maintain cost as well as environmental impact. Food vendors will be located in a “Hot Zone” on the street pavement of the 200 East. Exhibitors requesting power will be located in a “Hot Zone” along 400 South, 500 South or 200 East. Specific booth placement within a “Hot Zone” is not guaranteed.

Q: May I request a specific location for my booth?

A: Although we will try to honor requests, the Utah Pride Festival cannot guarantee placement in any particular area or location.

Q: I am a Non-Food Vendor, but I would like to distribute an edible sample of _____________ . Is that possible?

A: Vendors are welcome to distribute individually wrapped “hard” candy from their booth space. Any additional food items may not be distributed. If you wish to sell food, please see the Food Vendor Application on the festival website.

Q: I want to distribute bottled water with our company logo. Is that possible?

A: The Utah Pride Festival reserves the right to sell and distribute all bottled water and beverages.

Q: May I distribute _______ with the Utah Pride Festival logo on it?

A: The Utah Pride Center and the Utah Pride Festival reserve the right to use the Utah Pride Festival logo. No other parties, unless prescribed with written permission, may use the Utah Pride Festival logo for any other purposes.

Q: What are the required materials for my application for Utah Pride Festival?

A: Required vendor materials for Utah Pride Festival depend on the type of booth or participation you will have with the Festival.

  • NON FOOD VENDOR: Completed application, Payment, Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • FOOD VENDOR: Completed application, Payment, Food Handler’s Permits of ALL individuals working the booth on ALL days, SLVHD Temporary Food Service Permit, Certificate of Liability Insurance, and adherence to all SLC Fire Department Food Vendor Canopy requirements.
  • PARADE APPLICANTS: Completed application, Payment, Proof of Auto Liability Insurance (if applicable), Valid Driver’s License of all individuals operating Parade vehicles (if applicable)

Q: What is the cleaning and security deposit?

A: Each vendor is required to submit a $50 deposit when submitting their application. This deposit is used to encourage vendors to help provide the most professional festival experience possible for festival attendees while respecting other vendors, festival volunteers and the guidelines. Applicable deposits will be refunded to the credit card that was used for the original payment within 10 days after the festival. Vendors who complete the following items will have their security/cleaning deposits refunded.

  • Open vendor booth on time (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Close vendor booth on time (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Leave booth space free of waste
  • Abide by Vendor Guidelines
  • Abide by Festival Guidelines

Q: How do I get liability insurance if I do not have it?

A:  In order to participate in the Utah Pride Festival with booth space, all vendors are required to carry General Liability insurance with a limit of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence, presented on a “Certificate of Liability Insurance,” which includes the Utah Pride Center and Salt Lake City Corporation named as additional insureds with respect to the Utah Pride Festival held on June 4 – June 7, 2015.

All vendors are required to provide the “Certificate of Liability Insurance” to the Utah Pride Festival before booth placement is assigned. Vendors will not be admitted into the Utah Pride Festival until the “Certificate of Liability Insurance” is provided. Most insurance carriers will provide the “Certificate of Liability” Insurance free of charge. Please see the attached sample Certificate for reference.

If your insurance company cannot or does not provide this, Utah Pride will refer you to a low-cost program that can provide a short-term vendor policy. The application for coverage is done completely online and a “Certificate of Liability Insurance” is issued immediately. Payment is required at the time of application. Visit to sign up.

Thank you for participating with the Utah Pride Festival. We’ll see you at the Festival!